It feels as though the West Coast is finally ready for a Welcome to Spring party!  We had a long and white winter.  I loved every minute of it and have many warm and wooly finished objects to affirm my adoration of cold on the outside, cozy on the inside.  But nothing was usual this winter, weatherwise, and it stayed white on and off well into March.  It is only now, being April, that we feel safe to say, “It’s Really Spring!”

I have mowed the lawn once, ducking under the explosion of Forsythia in my yard.  Many bunches found their way into the house, which is very small, so the flowers quickly took over all the available air space!


Spring time at school means The Firsties feel ready for the annual district dance festival, after months of creating and practicing.  This is a joyous but intensive process.  We work together in an integrated classroom, where our experiences of the world around us are wrapped up into artistic expression.  This year, as a group, we choreographed a dance, called Mocean to express our gratitude and love for the ocean community where we work and play.  The costumes were designed collaboratively, as well.  It all came together with a beautiful soundscape of ocean waves, wind, dolphins, birds, and whales. 

IMG_3079  IMG_3071-1



The colours of yarn around the house are emerging, too.  Purples and pinks are taking over from the deep reds and blues.  These are two patterns, the Picos de Europa hat, and Gascogne Scarf, from the upcoming release of Woods by making stories.  I am a backer of this project and a huge fan of both these patterns.  I knit mine in Rowan Felted Tweed, running a strand of Rowan Kidsilk Haze with it for the scarf.


And on this beautiful Easter weekend, small wooly bundles are hatching into a new design for an upcoming class.



I hope you have a peaceful, happy, and chocolatey Easter!

Enjoy your celebration of the fresh and the new!

I am off to see Beauty and The Beast with two little peeps!