I am so grateful for my life as a maker, and the work that I am able to do with my hands.  I remember deciding at six that I wanted to make all my clothes.  This decision did not come as a big surprise to my making family, but they favoured a more academic approach to life.  As a result, I now have both.  Choosing to live passionately requires a strong belief that you are walking the right path.   I didn’t always have that.  It really wasn’t until I began opening up and sharing with all of you, that I knew I was in the right place, and heading somewhere good.  
Thank you for joining me here.  I hope that you will find some peace, all kinds of joy, and a feeling of being understood, through my sharing with you.  Welcome, welcome!

About Venessa

I am a practicing artisan, fibre arts instructor, and a full time primary teacher in a fully integrated Intensive Arts Education Program.  Programs that I teach are focused on the creative process, building confidence and joy in hand work. A variety of fibre arts programs are taught year round in my home studio, and at Penelope Fibre Arts.  

Cardigan, from Comfort Control


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Make a cup of tea. Sit back. Enjoy

knitting with Icelandic wool

  Plötulopi is made from the fleece of Icelandic Sheep.  These are double-coated sheep with the long outercoat (tog), and the shorter, soft undercoat (thel) both used in Icelandic wool yarns; Lopi as an example. The two coats create a yarn with loft, warmth, and...

Snow on the ground, flowers on my needles

Open It Up! My Birkin Pullover Conversion A Fibres West Program Converting a beautiful colour work pullover design into a steeked cardigan can increase its wearability, and make it a more flexible piece in your wardrobe. Making this happen involves only a few...

Joy comes in many colours . . .

just a little thankyou. . Before Instagram, I blogged more often - something you may have noticed if you look here now and then. Thank you for reading my sporadic posts. Please also follow me on instagram and ravelry if you'd like to. I am workinghandstudio in both...