It’s getting harder to keep a lid on the holiday excitement around here! It all started with the Knitted Ornaments class, scheduled a little earlier than usual this year, in mid-November. The tree went up, all decked out in the knitted ornaments we were making, and when the class was over, I just couldn’t put them away. Those fairy lights were a welcome sight as the days got shorter, and darker.  So, down the rabbit hole I fell! More garlands and lights went up, the candles came out, then the skates, and then, ta dah! It snowed!


The evenings got started later as school got busier, and the colourful knitting was a joyful way to end the day.  I was inspired to finish off my Marley Shawl because it began to resemble the gingerbread house!  Am I right?

photo 7

I think it must be the sprinkles!  The Firsties are the experts in that department, but there are many indie dyers creating gorgeous speckled yarns.


With the Marley Shawl all blocked out and drying, I dug a vintage project out of the archives (the clue was the straight needles!) and I fell back into the soothing rhythm that cable knitting can be, until I noticed that one cable was crossed the wrong way (see it?).  I worked down that column and rebuilt it correctly.  This is handspun yarn from the most beautiful local Romney Sheep.


When it came time to choose this year’s addition to the Arne and Carlos knitted balls collection, I went with a bell to remind me of the wonderful experience I had this term, starting up and directing a primary choir, of 110 children in grades 1 and 2!  We sang about bells, wore bells, choreographed a few bell ringing moves, and generally rang out joy!  I added some sparkle to this one, as a memory of the glitter and glow.


When The Firsties and I drew names for our festive making project, I got the name of a little girl who often wears a wig to school, with long Rapunzel braids.  Perfect!  Time for my favourite knitted toy.  The dollie was a big surprise, and I think she will be loved.  Can you tell that I finished her at 2:30 in the morning?


This week I cast on for the stunning Shine Mittens, by Pia Kammeborn.


 This is the second pattern of Pia’s I have knit in the past few months, and there is a third queued up.  I explained this obsession in my last post.

Well, that’s it for today.  This wonderful holiday is a gift of time that I want to spend making, with this wonderful guy by my side.  Yes, he’s on my lap!  We are planning to burn the midnight oil every night!


 We’ll be back soon!  

‘hope you enjoy every festive moment!

Bye for now  from Venessa and Cardigan